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WE THINK BANANAS ARE THE WORLD’S MOST PERFECT FRUIT. We blend them in all our smoothies and love the fact that they're indigenous to Puerto Rico. They come in nicely wrapped individual packages, have incredible calming powers, are natural energy boosters and just taste yummy!

Thanks to their high levels of potassium and fiber, bananas are the #1 fruit with the world’s leading athletes and are #3 on the “100 Healthiest Foods” list.

Benefits of bananas include:
• boost brainpower
• reduce the risk of blood pressure and stroke
• help calm nerves
• reduce depression
• help cure fatigue
• enhance mood
• control weight, ulcers, constipation, morning sickness
• reduce swelling from mosquito bites
• insides of banana peels can be used as leather shoe polish
• act as a natural fertilizer for roses

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